Clark County Fire District 3 Unveils New Website

Clark County Fire District 3 launched its new website last week at The purpose of redoing the site was to make it a more “user friendly” experience for residents and businesses looking for information about the Fire District, wildland fire preparedness and other safety tips, burning information, and how to volunteer.

“It’s a clearinghouse of information for the public,” said Fire Chief Scott Sorenson. “We wanted to make sure what people used and needed was front and center.”

The new website is just one project in a series that Fire District 3 has implemented over the past few years to improve communication with taxpayers. It sends regular content to the local news media, and increased its presence on social media with Facebook, Twitter (/Firedistrict3) and Instagram (/firedistrict3).

One of its most successful communication tools is a short newsletter mailed to all households. The number of people in the Fire District doubled to 40,000 after Battle Ground annexed last year.

“Different people like to receive information different ways. It’s incumbent upon us to learn what those ways are and meet them there,” said Chief Sorenson. “Every time we reach another person, it means that we’re doing a better job serving our community, preventing fires and saving lives.”

Chief Sorenson said that he wishes more people would participate in monthly Board of Fire Commissioner meetings. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Mondays of every month at 6:00 p.m. Community members can find information on how to access the meetings at  

“Our meetings are the best way to learn about Fire District business,” he says. “All meetings are open to the public, and we would love more people to attend.”

Do you have an idea as to how Fire District 3 can improve communication with the community? Contact Chief Scott Sorenson personally at (360) 892-2331 or

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