Celebrate Safely on the Fourth of July

Due to high fire risk, fireworks are strongly discouraged

Clark County Fire District 3 is encouraging residents to celebrate without fireworks this year.  The hot weather and dry vegetation make it much riskier to light off fireworks this year.

Fire potential forecasts indicate that with the upcoming heatwave, most of Fire District 3 will be at an extremely high-risk level.  This is very rare for this time of year and occurs when extreme dry conditions exist that pose a significant threat for a large fire to occur with the introduction of an ignition source.

“We ask that you keep this in mind when celebrating this particular Independence Day,” said Fire Marshal Chris Drone. “Fireworks may very well provide the ignition source of a catastrophic wildfire.”

Fire District 3 will be providing additional staffing levels during this year’s upcoming fire season, but is asking the community to help out with fire prevention.  Even if they are legal in your area, fireworks are not recommended this year.  If you do choose to celebrate the holiday with fireworks, please do so as safely as possible.

Information about fireworks can be found on the fire district’s website at www.fire3.org, including links to the regulations in Clark County and the City of Battle Ground.   

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